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Sparkwise offers a wide variety of cloud-based solutions to fit your needs.


Customer Relationship Management

Establishing good relationships with your customers is essential to gain their loyalty and acquire new ones. Get a 360-degree overview of your business by centralizing information about sales and customers to increase business productivity. Trace the interactions with your clients and follow the progress of the sales process with the right CRM.

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Help Desk

Centralize your interaction with your clients by adopting a Help Desk software. Whether your customer contacts you by email, by a social media or by a chatbot, be sure to communicate consistent information in order to deliver an awesome customer experience.

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Quote Management

Product configuration and quote processes typically take a lot of time and can be complex to do. If your deals configurations are becoming messy, it’s time to automate and speed up your processes with a Quote Management software. It will help you accelerate your sales by delivering you automated sales quoting.

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Project Management

An all-in-one suite to manage people, projects, and everything in between. Stop switching between multiple tools. With ClickUp, manage everything in one platform. All your work in one place: Tasks, docs, chat, goals, & more.


Professional services automation

Ready to automate your professional services? Set your business up for success with an all-in-one PSA solution to manage your sales and customers, plan your team’s time and projects, and keep track of your business results.


employee sCheduling

Stop wasting time managing schedules. Make flexibility your best policy by empowering employees to create their optimal schedules. An employee scheduling platform that drives engagement and profit in the long haul.



With the help of Make, we can integrate and automate your processes. This will allow you to standardize your data, avoid the risk of errors and save time. Using advanced data extraction, transformation and migration techniques, we can build personalized integrations & automations adapted to your reality.

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