Cloud solutions implementation

Empower your team with the best cloud solutions.


1 – Analyze

Using different analysis workshops, Sparkwise determines the best solution suited to your needs and organizational goals. This phase allows you to assimilate your requirements and plan the implementation project.

2 – design

Following the analysis, the objective of the design phase is to design a personalized solution for each of the requirements by following the SCRUM Agile methodology.

3 – build

At this point, Sparkwise configures and customizes the recommended software. In addition, we ensure the migration of your data and prepare training materials for end users according to their respective roles.

4 – valiDate & testing

Afterwards, Sparkwise ensures that all of your requirements are configured, validated by you and tested for deployment.

5 – deployment

Finally, we deploy to production when modifications, training, data migration and configurations are completed. In addition, Sparkwise takes care of change management with your teams and software support.

Our solutions

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