Why should you use a CRM in your business?

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What is Customer Relationship Management? 

Many of our clients ask us why we should use a CRM for our organization? Well, we believe that a CRM is an indispensable tool that offers the possibility for companies to centralize sales and customer service data directly to a system. Indeed, thanks to the historical data recorded in the CRM, your company will be able to know more about its customers, their communication preferences and ensure the sustainability of your sales by building customer loyalty.

Advantages of using a CRM

In addition to the points described above, here are some advantages that may convince you to use a CRM:

  1. Retain your customers
  2. Increase your sales
  3. Automate your sales processes
  4. Automate your marketing approaches
  5. Automate your lead generations
  6. Integrate your CRM with the various softwares
  7. Improve your processes
  8. Analyze your data using artificial intelligence tools integrated into CRM
  9. Support your growth
  10. Improve your internal communications

All of the benefits listed above all have two things in common: increasing your revenues and lowering your operating costs.

The relationship between a CRM and other business departments

On one hand, a CRM is associated with the sales department. On the other hand, a CRM is an indispensable tool for other departments of the company since it allows you to have an overview of your organization. Take, for example, a company X that sells and distributes drones to consumers. With the ability to get a bird’s eye view of drone orders, by consumer, the company will be able to better forecast sales based on demand at any given time. This example among others is an unavoidable advantage for companies since they will be able to produce drones according to known demand. This synergy between operations and sales is intended to start production according to a given demand in order to improve cash flow.

What about customer service? 

Customer service is a difficult art to master and is an invaluable asset in your business. A CRM is therefore essential in order to anticipate the pitfalls of your customers and exceed their expectations. Let’s take the example of the same company explained above. When a customer has a problem with their drone, they will ask company support for a repair or a return. This data can be saved automatically through a form connected to the CRM, an email or even an SMS. It is even possible to connect your company’s telephone system to the CRM in order to automatically populate the customer file linked to the latter’s telephone number. All to improve the efficiency of customer service. That being said, recording this data will allow Company X to know which drones have a higher than the average return rate. Therefore, Company X will be able to make continuous improvement by questioning its production processes for the type of drone with a higher than the average return rate and will be able to predict if a customer with a type of drone will or will not return the drone. 

Why choose Sparkwise for the implementation of its CRM?

Our customers tell us: ‘’What we like about Sparkwise is that you take the time to listen to our needs and adapt to our reality’’. Indeed, the main phase of the Sparkwise methodology is the analysis of your company’s internal processes. This phase allows us to better understand your company, your internal processes and to successfully implement the recommended CRM. With Sparkwise, you won’t need an IT department to implement or administer a CRM, we take care of everything.

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